06 September, 2009

Real-live missionaries

Going to our mission's national conference as a missionary is a different experience. We're the "real live missionaries" and after two terms or eight years, we're not newbies anymore! It is somewhat strange to look at the new crop of young families coming through, heading overseas with young babies and children. Makes me feel a tiny bit old. Although I was encouraged to have one mature couple greet me with a hug and say I hadn't changed a bit and certainly didn't look like I had three young boys! This morning we had a chance to 'report back' for about 10 minutes. A bit similar to what we do at churches, but this was to serious OMF supporters, and people interested with serving with OMF. A different atmosphere. It was exciting to share with them how God's been answering their prayers. I was glad, as always, to share honestly and encourage some of the soon to be new missionaries, especially the young families, that it is possible to survive going with young children. You might be surprised at how many people are surprised at you when you say you're going overseas to work with young children. As if God only calls single and childless couples to work overseas for Him. Our speaker encouraged us this morning to find our passion and serve God with it. Exactly the thoughts that I've had over the last year or so. I'm beginning to look forward to returning to Japan. That is a lot better than last home assignment, when it took more than 9 months to get to that position. God is working in me and changing me!


Tim and Susan said...

Glad you are already feeling positive about returning to Japan...it always takes me about 6-9 months on HA as well to feel like "I can't wait to go back"...and to be honest, I'm always a little concerned/worried that I won't get to that "gotta get back" feeling...but God is always so gracious and refreshes me and gets me ready heart and body to return excited about what He has for us in the coming term!

Tim and Susan said...

Can I use the great aricle you found about Japanese having to measure their waists? I wanted to post it in my blog sometime, just wanted to ask you permission first. Thanks.


Hippomanic Jen said...

You definitely do look too young to have three young boys - your photos don't look any different to college days! Besides that, I'm not old enough to have three young boys, therefore you can't be either!

Wendy said...

Well what can I say to a comment like that, Jen? Thanks! But you are younger than me...at least just a little.