23 September, 2009

Our mini holiday

Yesterday we did something very unusual for us. We went with a friend to Bribie Island, just north of Brisbane. Our friend took us four wheel driving along the beach and we basically hung out on the beach most of the day. The wind was pretty ferocious and it was challenging to get sunscreen on. All of us have some red skin somewhere on us today, unfortunately. The guys tried fishing for a while, but the wind from the sea prevented a good cast and the only fish nibbling in the inland lagoon were tiny ones, not much bigger than the bait. So, no fish, but heaps of swimming. Four wheel driving was a new experience. It was great to be away from the city - no buildings in sight, only the sea, scrub and beach. Lovely...but very sandy. It was a mini holiday - quite Japanese, in fact. Good to get away from the work lurking at home! Even if that meant we faced some nasties climbing out of our bin this morning, because not enough housework had been done. I like the idea of camping, but I think it would get pretty tired once sand was through my sleeping bag and in the food. I also am so fair, that I'd be pretty fried before too long, despite sunscreen. So now I'm busy thinking about what to do for a holiday in December/January. Anyone got any ideas?

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