20 September, 2009

Home...but only for five sleeps

We've been away for the weekend at our mission's (OMF International) state prayer conference. We had plenty to do to keep us busy, thankfully we had grandparents as well as someone to look after the kids during sessions. We've not seen a lot of the boys during the last two days, and are now paying the price. They always resist coming back under our authority. This is an annual weekend and always has a feeling of "coming home". They are the people who first knew about our application to become missionaries and who have been the most faithful pray-ers since the very beginning. Most notably - in light of last week's blitz on bad questions - they ask good, informed questions! Only once did I have a dodgy conversation, someone who said, "I've got a simple question: How did you end up in mission?" Simple, my foot! I didn't really feel like unpacking this afternoon, because in only five sleeps we'll have to pack up again for another weekend away. Then after we come home next Sunday I'll have only one night before I head to Manila for six nights. Thankfully October will be much calmer. We'll have four whole weeks before we need to pack our bags again! So, "How am I feeling?" - which seems to be another frequent question. The most truthful answer is stretched and a little unsettled at present. I'm hoping I'll feel a lot better after I get back from Manila. That in itself will be a stretching experience. While I enjoy new experiences, they also cause anxiety as I anticipate them. Now we have two weeks of school holidays. This week we have several family events planned, so hopefully we can relax a little bit with the boys, as well as plan for next weekend's church visit and I can find time to plan what to pack for Manila.

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