12 September, 2009

Busy and tired

We're all tired. I said it would take some time to recover from last weekend and I wasn't kidding. The boys are full of strong love-hate emotions today that stink of over stimulation. I myself slept in (partly due to a book I read too late on the last two nights) and could have done with an afternoon nap too. This week has been less than normal. In Sydney on Monday at emotional meetings and travel back on Tuesday. Time spent with friends on Tuesday afternoon we haven't seen in a couple of years and not getting back in time for a usual tea-time. On Wednesday morning I left early with two boys for a doctor's appointment and on Thursday David and I went to an all-day seminar after significant strife with the public transport system that made our babysitter very late. On Friday I went to a ladies group and 'gossiped' about Japan for the whole morning (at their request). Last night we went to a lower primary concert for our middle son's school and were late home. Any wonder we're feeling a little bit drained? Especially after the craziness of last weekend! All good and important things, but tiring. Believe it or not we're off to a friend's birthday party tonight. Looking forward to it, but also a little worried about another late evening for the boys (late, being after 7.30!). Probably it is just what I need, though, after a sad phone call just now.

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