04 September, 2009

Crazy Friday

Today the only thing I'll be doing with my computer is carrying it around in a backpack...so here is a blogpost I prepared earlier! Today we're leaving home at about 6am and driving to a friends' house to park our car (their house is closer to the airport that ours) and catching a taxi to the airport. From there we'll fly 1 1/2 hours to Sydney. After that we'll catch a train into the city, stow our luggage somewhere and find the Opera House. It remains one clear memory of our boys from our last sojourn to Sydney, so we're going back - even if only to look at the outside :-) After we've satisfied ourselves that the Opera House is still there and as magnificent as usual, we'll find our way onto a ferry that will hopefully take us around the corner to Darling Harbour. From there a short walk will lead us (so the website tells me) to the National Maritime Museum, where we can check out all sorts of things, including a replica of Captain Cook's Endeavour, a warship and a submarine - presumably not all at the same time! After a whole lot of discovery, we'll stride back to the local railway station and (hopefully) catch a train to our conference (via the luggage storage spot) before dinner. Does dragging three young boys around in this manner sound tiring yet? Well, our day will not be over. The conference has a full evening program, not even including settling our boys into a new environment, different food, strange beds and unfamiliar showers. Hopefully we'll have a good evening sleep! What are our chances? At least our boys are pretty good at sleeping through the night now.


Hippomanic Jen said...

Chances of a good evening sleep?

...Approximately None!

Sorry, I just had to say that, given my habit on my own blog!

Wendy said...

Actually we did sleep well...though not long enough. (I think the "chances are" question came to me because I read your blog :) ).