07 September, 2009


I am not a fan of poetry, but found myself writing a spot of haiku the other day! One of the things I do is write a quarterly news/prayer letter for kids, helping them learn about Japan and encouraging them to pray for Japan and us (let me know if you'd like to get a copy). This year my theme is "Things which came from Japan". I've already done sports and technology. This month I've covering "things written" and including haiku, manga and sudoku. In finishing it off, I realised that to include someone else's poem without their permission was probably infringing copyright. I'm not sure as you can quote from a prose without the author's permission...but poems are so short. Anyway, just to be safe I ended up writing one of my own (actually jointly with my husband)! What do you think? Desert majesty glowing red in the sunset ancient Uluru The other one I wrote was Sleep comes slowly by hot sheets tangle with my thoughts morning long way off Anyone got haiku to contribute?


Anonymous said...

Here are two that featured on my blog:

Frost covers the ground
Assignments cover the desk -
Tears cover the face


Summer crickets sing
Assignments all forgotten -
Joy rings out to God

You should ask my dad for some of his. He wrote about 20 in one night on theology in order to prove a point to someone...

Anonymous said...
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Tim and Susan said...

I'll pass. Too stressful. Good for you.

venzy said...

This site has a few of my favourites: