03 September, 2009

Packing again and again

It is packing time again! This time we're flying to Sydney for five days. It's work with a tiny bit of "play". Our mission's national conference is on this weekend followed by a day for home assignees. Tomorrow we're leaving early (6am) so that we can spend the day in Sydney on the harbour doing some sight seeing (that's the "play"). If only it weren't for all the public transport and towing three boys around on it, I'd be looking forward to the weekend. Actually I'll probably be fine once I'm on the road, but again it is that P word! The boys are excited about flying again and even packing. They love suitcases. I wish I did! When we get back we'll have 10 days until we pack again and then 5 sleeps after we return from that weekend away we'll do it again. The last time this month will be the scariest and the most exciting. Only one sleep after we come back I'll be going to Manila - by myself. THAT means I have no one to help me pack :-)

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