16 December, 2016

Long winter skirt

After a couple of serious posts, here is something less serious.

I acquired this polar fleece skirt from Thrift Shop in April this year. For some reason no one wanted it and it was still there when we did the "Free shopping" just before clean up time. I'd been laughing at it all Thrift Shop and then just decided that I had to have it.

It's turned out to be an amazingly warm skirt. 

Coming from sunny Queensland where daytime temperatures are rarely lower than 15 degrees Celsius, it has never occurred to me that wearing skirts would be possible in the winter. When we first arrived in Japan, we had a supervisor who never wore anything else in winter, she even shovelled snow in a skirt. She declared that skirts were warmer than pants because there was greater shared-heat! I thought she was nuts, and obviously had been living in Sapporo too long! 

Actually at the time I never wore casual skirts in summer or winter, but that's changed in the last 10 years.

So, in Tokyo, from about November to April, I exclusively wear long pants. For a good portion of that time I also wear a second layer underneath, the amazing invention of long johns!

But now I've discovered that long winter skirts, combined with tights or dark coloured long johns also work. Now you're all wondering if you'd find me wandering the streets in this "ducky" skirt and the answer is "NO!" But it does make warm home-wear. Working at my desk next to a large glass sliding door when the temperature is below 10C is cold, especially on my legs and feet. So sometimes this week, I've slipped out of uncomfortable jeans into this comfy skirt when I've gotten home and it's been lovely. It's like wearing a blanket!

The next step will be whether I can bring myself to buy an "outside" worthy skirt and wear it in public? I stopped by a favourite clothes shop yesterday and browsed in the long winter skirt section (there are short winter skirts too, but that's just for the young and brave). Yes, there are some nice casual winter skirts out there. I might just add one to my wardrobe sometime soon.

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