03 December, 2016

A sizeable Christmas tree

The Christmas tree we bought at Thrift Shop in October has turned out larger than we expected. It came in three boxes (see the photo here). We've had to shift furniture around to fit it into the small Japanese room we call our lounge room. It's diameter is about half-a-room and it nearly hits the ceiling. 

It doesn't look so intimidating in this photo, possibly because you might expect that the room goes a lot further back than the camera, but I was perched on the lounge and plastered against the back wall when I took the photo. Our 11 year old can easily crawl into the corner under the tree and barely be seen.

We're adjusting to it (we put it up last Sunday, the first Sunday of Advent) and watching the TV in that position isn't too bad. The only trouble we're having is figuring out what to put under the tree . . . teenage boys aren't so easy to buy for, especially when it's not our habit to spend much on presents.

But then I read this post from a "kid" who doesn't have parents anymore and remember how little presents mean in the long run. We're hoping for some great memories to be made this Christmas.

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