06 December, 2016

Food for all-day wrestling meets

Wrestling starts on Saturday, and I'm starting to think about food for our family again. This time we will be split across two venues. I need to get back into the groove and was relieved to find this post from last year that showed some of the things I was taking last season.
This obviously won't work, but I thought it was a cute food
photo! We own a number of these "food eyes", bought
here in Japan.

Now I just need to do a bit of work to ensure that I can provide stuff like this. The boys particularly complain if I don't put enough savoury stuff in. At meets it's easy to just snack on unhealthy stuff all day long (there often is no defined lunch break). People eat when they're hungry and wrestlers eat when they can (usually very soon after a bout). The wrestlers particularly need protein-heavy food.

This week is a bit of an easy start for three of us because the high school meet is just down the road at school, we don't have 2–5 hours of driving to factor in, and we know that reliable lunch can be bought at the venue. Hey, I even know where I can buy coffee when I need it!

Now I'd better get my mind back onto today's jobs and the 15+ item To Do list that's waiting.

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