17 December, 2016

A secret Japanese weapon

We've escaped to the west of Tokyo and into the mountains. No, not camping, but our mission's holiday house. Wonderful! So I'm probably not going to be doing much blogging this week. My goal is to sleep and read and relax.

I did want to show you this secret weapon Japanese use to survive cold winters. Kairo: disposable hand warmers. They are air activated and last several hours. Quite nice in roomy boots too, if you have cold feet.

Now I've Googled it I realise it isn't just a Japanese thing, but they are widely available here. We don't use them much, but they were valuable when we were camping last month, I can tell you! I find it amusing that they use a kangaroo on the packaging.

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Anonymous said...

I appreciate the blog. My family and I are working to get to Japan. I just wrote a post concerning missionaries and money. As I say in the blog, it is Japan specific but we were shocked by the amount of money required to join an agency and start ministry in Japan.

Curious to get your take if you have the time. james513blog.wordpress.com