05 December, 2016

Thinking about stuff...

What am I thinking about?

Turns out, that, as usual, there's lots going on in my head.

I read this article yesterday about iNtuitives on the Myers-Briggs inventory. A lot of it describes me. In this case, the "overanalysing everything" fits. I had space this weekend to think and it was great! 
I'm thinking that a ride might be good thing to factor into my
schedule this week!

Editing and networking
I went to a meeting last Friday at our Japan headquarters about revamping the OMF Japan website with the aim of using it better for mobilisation of people into mission involvement.  One of the jobs is to get a bunch more current stories up there and keep them coming. My expertise is in the writing/editing side of things, so that's what I'm working on. I mentioned last week that I've recently started editing blog posts for one of our Japan regions, and that's going to be expanded to cover all our three regions. So I'll need help as my plate is already pretty full.

So I've been searching out new editors as well as thinking about guidelines for writers. As of today, we've got three potential editors on the sidelines, two of whom need a bit of mentoring. But I'm excited, I love getting people's stories out there. I love involving other people in my work, building a team. I also love seeing people develop their abilities and moving into areas where they're skilled. I also love new projects (another aspect of my iNtuitive personality). 

Illness among missionaries
Our mission's field director in Japan has been battling two rare blood cancers this year. A couple of months ago they received the unexpected news that the cancer hadn't responded well to the chemo he'd already received. He's now undergoing even stronger chemotherapy and has a stem cell transplant is coming up too. As I work closely with his wife (our personnel director) this is never far from our mind.

Then a couple of weeks ago we heard that the elementary art teacher from school had been diagnosed with a large brain tumour. She had emergency surgery to save her life last week and they found an extra tumour that wasn't there a few days earlier during her scan. There's another they weren't able to get and are planning to operate again this week. The cancer is aggressive and malignant. Her husband is the school's long-term and much beloved business manager. They grew up themselves in Japan and are both CAJ alumni, so have a real heart for missionary kids. They're also members of our church here. You can understand that it's been a big shock for us and many around the world who know this family.

Then yesterday I was reminded by FB that I posted about stress and missionaries two years ago on this day. I referenced a study that "revealed that 200 points of stressful life events caused 50 percent of people to become seriously ill (cancer, heart attack) within the subsequent two years." Noting that the missionaries they studied had an average of 600 points of stress! Though it distresses us when missionaries get ill, it really shouldn't surprise us. Especially when we take into consideration spiritual warfare as well.

I was really tired last week (probably pushed over the edge by our snow-camp). It was hard to get out of bed every day (barring Wednesday when I woke early with news related to the above illnesses running relentlessly through my head). I also craved coffee every day, which is a sure sign that I'm over-tired, and a warning sign that I need to rest. 

Thankfully yesterday afternoon I was able to take a nap, I put my eye mask on at 2.45 and was awoken by the community "go home" bells at 4.20. My husband also reminded me of the borderline anaemia that showed up on a blood test in April, so I'm trialling a low dose of iron supplements. I'm hopeful this will help and very much looking forward to our week away in 12 days!

To finish on a less serious topic, wrestling season is upon us. Yay! This Saturday are the first tournaments and the high school one is in our "backyard". CAJ is hosting and I'm in charge of providing breakfast and lunch for 25 coaches and refs. Um...yeah, I'll let you know how that turns out.

It will also be our family's first time to split up during the wrestling season. Our youngest is an official member of the middle school team and they're competing at a different school at the same time. David's driving the middle school team and I'm staying here with the high schoolers. Thankfully it isn't too hard to video a wrestling match, and we'll be able to share!

So there, are you a bit scared at everything going on in my head? I didn't even mentioned Christmas shopping or the ongoing magazine editing or regularly feed-and-clothe-and-provide-a -home-for-the-boys, nor the all-day prayer meeting David and I went to today on the other side of Tokyo! If you pray, please do keep us in your prayers. Sometimes when I take a step back and look at our lives it scares me!

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