29 December, 2016

Orange Chicken Recipe

This is a delicious recipe that I've been making for many years now. It brings the most mouthwatering smells into your house.

Today I used 1.2kg of chicken, but the quantity of the sauce ingredients below is only for half that amount, our boys have typically not enjoyed the sauce so I generally have kept it separate to the meat, but they must be growing up because two of the three enjoyed the sauce-coated chicken tonight. Play around with the quantities to meet your needs.

1.2 kg Chicken breasts
8 tablespoons flour (2/3 cup)
1 teaspoon cinnamon

1 cup orange juice
1/2 chopped large onion
1 tablespoon soy sauce
1 tablespoon brown sugar

1. Combine flour and cinnamon in a plastic bag.
2. Cut chicken into pieces, they don't have to be bite-sized. Strips are good.
3. Shake each piece in the bag till coated.
4. Heat oil in frypan. Not much is needed.
5. Fry chicken on both sides till golden brown and cooked through.
6. Remove chicken.
7. Sprinkle some flour/cinnamon mixture in pan with some oil. Mix together well, cooking for a short time.
8. Add sauce mixture. Boil, stirring gently till the onion is cooked.
9. Either serve separately or with sauce poured over chicken. It's lovely with rice.

It took me just over half an hour to make tonight. 

Slow cooker version
If you're into slow cookers and want to make it even faster then try this: Throw everything into the slow cooker except the oil. You don't even need to pre-coat the chicken in flour, just thicken the sauce with cornflour in a saucepan before serving. Pre-cook the onion before putting it in, though. A couple of minutes in the microwave will do the trick. 

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