23 April, 2016

Thrift Shop Spoils

So back by popular demand. Here are some/most of our acquisitions from this week's Thrift Shop. 

A comfy cotton skirt that doesn't need ironing, in some of my favourite colours. 

Our shopping-savvy youngest found these track suit pants and ended up getting them for free because they have a bit of wear and tear on one knee. 

A set of single flannelette sheets! Such a boy-colour!

A small wheely port to add to the four we already have. Very useful for airport travel. 

Some fun earrings for ¥50 (~AU$0.60). 

A snow suit for one boy. 

T-shirt for another boy. 

Next week the school's middle school is holding a science fair. Our middle schooler has to "dress up" while he stands with his experiment display. He has nothing in this line of clothing. The challenge of a non-uniform school. Thankfully we managed to meet that need with cheap clothing (though he has yet to try them on yet, we're hoping they fit well enough!). 

Our eldest typically got a lot of books. 

This brand new rug was unexpected. We have no carpet in our bedrooms and even my boys struggle with that in the cold winter months when something warm to stand on is helpful. This rug (and a second for the other boy-bedroom) have solved that. It also makes their rooms look more cosy. We'll probably put them away in the steamy months. 

And we found some great DVDs. This whole MONK season for less that AU$4. 

Then we get into the free stuff. As an incentive for volunteers to help with cleanup (and to reduce the amount of rubbish the PTA has to pay to throw away), there is a 40 min free shopping time after the shop shuts at 1pm on Saturdays. It is amazing what one can find in this time (especially considering I'm usually pretty exhausted by then). 

Two shirts for me in great condition. 

A bunch of other things, including my biggest find: ugg-type slippers to replace my current ones which are falling apart. 

The next four photos are finds by our youngest son. He loves the free shopping time. 

And yes, the fleecy duckling skirt was still there, so I snaffled it up. My plan is for it to go over whatever I'm wearing while working at my computer in the winter. It'll be like a wearable blanket. Perfect fit!

Mid-morning it was hard to move in the gym, it was so packed with shoppers. We had lines at the registers six or more deep for about three hours continuously. 

But what makes it fun is friends. Getting to know new people and deepening relationships with others. This is what makes Thrift Shop really worthwhile, not the purchases. 

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