26 April, 2016

Today's ride

It's been more than a month since I last took a long ride. Too long! This month has been full of sickness and Thrift Shop, but finally me, my schedule, and the weather managed to work together to enable me to ride to the park today. It was a gorgeous 25 degrees today and sunny (the rest of the week is cooler and rain is predicted too).

The wisteria is out and the bees know it! As I stood and took some photos there were some alarmingly large bees buzzing around.

I sat on one of these benches for over an hour, working. I just love the early green leaves on the trees, they're almost fluorescent. The dappled shade was perfect.

It's amazing to be out and about in ¾ pants and a t-shirt. I did have a light jacket with me that I wore at the start of my ride, but soon got too sweaty with it on. After sitting a while I needed it again.
View from my possie on the bench.

Yes, I was working. Trying to figure out who to assign which articles to for the editing of the summer issue of Japan Harvest. I don't normally take any or much work with me to the park, but having not been at my desk much for a week, I felt I needed to do some. It was a gorgeous place to work. 
Later I regretted hauling my computer out, because I had to keep it with me every shop I went into. I had some shopping goals as well, the most urgent being dark brown sugar for our middle son's science expo stand on Thursday. Unfortunately five grocery stores later and I still don't have any. We mistakenly used what we had, thinking that it would be easy to buy another packet. We were wrong!

The azaleas were out everywhere. Many larger streets have them as hedges along the side of the road in our area. They're just amazing at the moment.

And I rode more than 20km today!

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