08 April, 2016

Skipping breakfast today

So the having-a-medical-out-of-turn saga continues. I finally got them to take my blood. For my trouble they also did an ECG, blood pressure, temperature, weight, and general chest exam too. They offered me the option to say no to the routine chest X-ray! I said no thanks. 

In three weeks I get to have another exam with the OMF Dr and then sometime in the coming months get to do it all again in the Japanese system, but this time with the right authorization and thus much cheaper. I guess they should figure out between them all if I'm healthy enough. 

Australia just doesn't do this type of routine screening of healthy people, aside from screening for things like breast and ovarian cancer, then bowel cancer later on. 

But I guess checks on well people aren't so foreign to us in OMF, we've been doing since we started applying to OMF to work, and regularly ever since!

Anyway, for now I'm done. Skipping breakfast is never a good idea for me. Despite stopping off for a cinnamon roll and coffee I still felt shaky at 10.30. Actually maybe that's the coffee: I usually only have caffeine a few hours after breakfast. Maybe drinking it on an empty stomach wasn't such a good idea!

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