21 April, 2016

Too tired

I am too tired to blog properly (with lots of words in coherent sentences). Thousands of decisions will do that to you. And that's basically what volunteering at CAJ's Thrift Shop involves, be it decisions about what price to give the shirt in your hand to where to put the Malaysian kilt you've found. From how many signs to put up about needing a membership card to be able to shop to where to put them. In the middle of all that decision making I was answering questions from other people like about whether we sell underwear and where they can pay their PTA membership (not in the same breath).

But wow, that's already a lot of sentences. Here are some photos. 

This is a bit difficult to see. It was a pile about five metres long and one metre  wide of women's tops. At one point it was high enough to come up to the shoulders of one of the grade six girls I was supervising (while she was sitting on the floor). Actually there are about 10 girls plus a few mums working on that one pile in this photo. 

And then some fun. We always get some unusual and even amusing donations. These PJ pants are fun. 

This ankle-length skirt was unexpected. Very warm, it's made out of the fleece you'd use for a baby blanket. Strangely I'm tempted to buy it to wear around the house in the depths of winter, it would be like wearing a blanket. 

Here's one of my friends having fun with a wig and beanie. He wore the wig all day yesterday but the hat changed several times. His real hair is short and dark with some grey. It took a while to get used to this new look. As I told a student today, you have to have fun while doing this humungous job, otherwise you'd cry or lose the plot (or your temper, which I've seen happen).

And I'll leave you pondering these Australian carrots (gloves, I think). 


MOM2_4 said...

I like the fleece skirt!

Georgia said...

I'd go for those PJ pants if they fit me. Don't get too excited, or red faced Wendy or they'll be calling you the Australian Carrot!

Wendy said...

I got the fleece skirt, but missed out on the PJs. I really have enough PJs at present, so it probably was greedy of me to think of more...
No one called me a carrot Georgia. Thankfully!