25 April, 2016

Step by step recovery

It's easy to be swayed by the tight news cycle these days. We're concerned about the disaster in Kyushu, to the south-west of us. It is terrible, horrible, and many other extreme adjectives you can think of. 

However today I want to draw your attention to the ministry that's still going on in the area where Japan experience a triple disaster just five years ago where there are still more than 170,000 people still living in temporary accommodation. OMF has had workers in this area for many decades now and continues to work there. 

Below is a copy of the recent newsletter that came from the work OMFers and Japanese workers are doing north of Sendai. Please read and pray. There are big changes happening, including changes in staffing and a location change. The newsletter has some good personal stories to fuel your prayers.

Ippo Ippo means step-by-step and is the name the ministry's had since early on, though the ministry itself has fluxed and changed as needs changed.

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