14 April, 2016

Some time-out

My ordinary life this week has taken a more restful turn than I expected. I mentioned that I ended up at the doctor last week with a urinary tract infection (here). Well not too unexpectedly the antibiotics didn't work. The symptoms came back this week even before I'd finished the course and I ended up back at the doctor. I wasn't too surprised because the same thing happened to me with the same ailment last March/April/May in Australia.

So I'm now on stronger antibiotics until next Tuesday, these have a couple of side-effects that are knocking me around a little. I'm hoping that my body gets used to it soon as the coming week and half is planned to be very busy (CAJ Thrift shop is next week, plus a variety of other things around the fringes). I've had many UTIs in my life, ever since I was a child, and they don't usually hinder me too much, so I'm hopeful.

So I've done more horizontal-time in the last couple of days that I'd planned on this week. Thankfully my schedule was quite flexible this week anyway.

I'm also thankful for good, easy-to-access medical care. Sometimes the no-appointment system that many doctors have in Japan is very convenient, especially for people like me who'd prefer not have to have a Japanese conversation on the phone to make an appointment.

Today I'm feeling a bit better and I'm back at the computer catching up on various admin stuff (mostly email) relating to my various roles. I really need to go back to the doctor to pick up my blood test results too, and make a dentist appointment (my teeth are healthy as far as I know, just covered in annoying plaque that I want cleaned off).

PS I went out and made that dentist's appointment, but the doctor wouldn't/couldn't see me with the blood test results. I'm not sure why. The receptionist said come back tomorrow  morning. But now I'm feeling as though I need to go back and lie down again. Sigh.

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