26 November, 2015

Reviving a camping tradition

We're going camping today. It's going to be cold, but fun. The boys (who aren't overtly enthusiastic campers) were all happy at breakfast, even the one who's usually grumpy. So I'm happy. 

I think the main reason they're happy is that we're repeating a fun experience that we've done before. After a year away, it's good to be back, going to the same campsite at the same time of year. It's a tradition.

Statements heard this morning:
"I can't wait to get on that awesome swing. It's the best swing in the world."
"Remember the apple farm. Are we going to buy apples mum? Those apples are amazing."
"Oh, and the ofuro (Japanese public bath), we're going there too, aren't we?" 
Here are a few photos from our three earlier Thanksgiving weekend camping trips, as you can see, it is a divine spot.


Cathy Bennett said...

Wow! Those are amazing vistas. Worth camping in the cold for. Enjoy your break!

Georgia said...

Wow! The boy's enthusiastic comments almost make me want to go too.