15 November, 2015

Photos from recent rides

Early in October I decided to ride to a park five or six kilometres (depending on your route) from our house on a regular basis. I'm proud to say that I've now ridden there five times, almost once a week. I'm loving it. Last Friday I went despite it being cooler and overcast. Turns out that other people felt similarly discouraged from going out and there weren't as many people in the park as there were on previous sunny, warm days. 

I've not been spending much time at the park, just a short snack (or last week, small picnic lunch) and perhaps a game on my phone. But I have been trying to use my senses along the route and in the park to appreciate God's creation, trying to make it into more than just exercise but a mini-mental break too.

Here are some photos I've taken on my journeyings.

We're in autumn, so flowers are less frequently spotted, however Japanese Camelia have been out. They're often used for hedges here.
This was where I sat on Friday for a short while. It was very peaceful. Just the scrunch of leaves as people walked or rode past, a few distant children (playground behind the camera), and the swish of falling leaves. But then a park maintenance worker came along and started up his leaf blower! To his credit he apologised first.
This berry-loaded bush is actually across the road from our house, but it's hiding behind a tree. I did spot it first, though, on the way home from my ride.
It's not just the roads that are tiny in Tokyo, some of the footpaths are too (and many roads don't even have footpaths). Not long after I put my camera away I had to move forward to allow two other bikes through. That's life in Tokyo: constantly keeping an eye
open for someone else whose way you may be blocking. That bell on my bike gets a good workout when I'm riding on paths, it warns people politely that I'm coming.

One of the passersby enjoying the park on Friday.
A restaurant I pass by on my way to the park, I'd like to visit here. All you can eat yakiniku (cook your own meat at the table). I think the price might be as low as 2,800 yen (about AU$32) per person.

This park also has one eucalyptus tree. I took this back in mid-October, you can see how the other trees have changed since then.
Two weeks ago I took this of a lady practising her trumpet. She was fairly new to the instrument, I think (as one who has someone learning the trumpet this year). It's not uncommon to hear people practising instruments in large Japanese parks.

Working on the selfies! This was two weeks ago.

Not strictly on my ride, but again across the street, a Morning Glory flower. Mum says these are pests in Queensland, but they are just right here. This is my favourite photo of the month!


MOM2_4 said...

Good for you. So glad you found this park and are getting to visit it regularly :)

Coralee Lawrence said...

What a brilliant way to stay fit inside and out! I just love the Morning Glory colours: The blue/purple is stunning. Thanks for sharing the simple joys. I am walking every day now too, and enjoying noticing God's little gifts along the way! Great opportunities to daydream and then drift into prayer.

Wendy said...

Thanks for stopping by Coralee. Yes, a great way to stay healthy, inside and out indeed!