23 November, 2015

Cheap restaurants in Japan

Most of my day was spent in meetings. School-related meetings plus one magazine meeting. I had coffee at a local coffee shop and lunch at a local restaurant, one of the below. But I've spent less than ¥1,100 (less than AU$11.50). That included a drinks bar and a bowl of pasta for lunch. I doubt that I could do that in Australia. 

We missed these cheap places to eat and meet in Australia. A lot of our individual meetings (more than sixty) with people were held in coffee shops, and we were very thankful that many people paid for our coffee or tea (or even a whole meal) otherwise ministry expenses could have been quite high.


Hillary said...

Sounds wonderful! I'm jealous! All we have from this list is Sukiya...and maybe yoshinoya but I've never been there and can't say for sure it's in our area.
Ah, rural life! ;)

Wendy said...

Oh, I'm sorry Hillary! But you do get cleaner air to breath! Actually we rarely go out to eat. But I guess we at least have the option.

Hillary said...

Very true!! I wouldn't trade that for all the cheap restaurants in the world! ;) Thursday is our day off and it's a treat for me to eat out for dinner instead of cook, but that's usually it for us :)