02 November, 2015

It's starting!

It's been 21 months since he's worn the
CAJ wrestling singlet (that's what this
gear is called). He's worn out those shoes.
He's also grown several inches and
gained a few pounds of muscle since
this photo was taken in January last year.
It's starting again. Our eldest has just left for the first official/unofficial (I'm not sure which) wrestling training session at school this season. If you've not been here before you need to know that this is his passion and it's become ours too. You may think I'm crazy, but I don't care: I can't wait till the first meet!

Watch this space, coming up over the next few months will be more wrestling posts (but the season doesn't start in earnest until after Christmas).


Georgia said...

You go, C !!! :)

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to your posts, dear.....is all very exciting.....Mum x