04 November, 2015

Endoscopy tomorrow

My appointment ticket.
I'm struggling to work this afternoon, not just because I am having trouble prioritising all the things that are currently on my plate. But because tomorrow I finally go for my throat investigation: an endoscopy. (I've had a strange sensation in my throat since the start of August that no one's been able to diagnose the cause of yet.)

They will put a camera through my nose down into my stomach to see what they can see. I will be awake and I have a Japanese friend coming with me. Her presence will smooth the communication barriers, but also having a friend with me will be comforting. 

It is scary because it is so unknown to me. In September an ENT put a camera down as far as the top of my trachea (breathing tube). I was sitting in a chair and it was extremely uncomfortable (and unexpected, I had about a minute's notice and almost no explanations). Hopefully this will be more gentle and easy to bear.

Most of all I hope it settles the question about what this is.

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MOM2_4 said...

I had that last year. It wasn't as bad as I anticipated. It wasn't fun or comfortable, but tolerable. Hang in there!!!