19 November, 2015

Amusing physics

Today I went on a school excursion with two of my boys and my husband, 80% of my family. An unusual situation, given that my boys are in grades 5, 7, and 11. This is an annual  cross-year level trip. Grade sevens have touched on physics in science and they go with the high school physics students to an amusement park and look at real-life examples. It just so happens that David is the physics teacher and they had need of parents to help supervise. 
The physics students were in charge of the science and hopefully leading the groups. I helped out as needed. 

Our group had some strong-willed and energetic girls. It took quite a bit of of work to keep the group physically together after lunch. I'm pretty worn out tonight. Yay for leftovers!
I didn't ride on this, nor the more energetic rollercoasters or
twirly rides. I get motion sick pretty easily, unfortunately!
My group included our eldest son. It was fun to see him operate (and be challenged) in a leadership role, but also his good grasp of the science. 

We encountered a cultural difference with the "bumper cars". The guys in charge kept telling us not to run into other cars. We, of course, largely ignored them. "Oops, I ran into you? Sorry!"
It was a gorgeous autumn day. About 20 degrees and sunny. The ginkgo trees were stunning. The perfect day to be outside. 

On the weekend they'd forecast this day to be rainy, I'm so glad they were wrong. I hope they're wrong about next Thursday-Saturday too, it would be fantastic to have gorgeous weather like this for our camping trip.

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