16 February, 2015

Numbers to measure your life by?

21, 29, and 43

The number of planes each of our boys have been on. Set to increase by eight before we settle back in Japan in July.

Who has conversations like this? Families like ours!

They also ask:

  • "How many countries have I been to?"

Four for the two youngest (Australia, Japan, Hong Kong & South Korea) and seven for our eldest son (Australia, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Guam). David  and I have been to ten between us, all in Asia.

Not so many really. And some of those were just airport stops. Mostly we've just travelled back and forth between Australia and Japan, and a little bit within both countries.

Other numbers that help define our lives?

  • How long have you lived in Japan? About 12 years (for the three eldest people in our family).
  • How old were you when you went to Japan? 18 months for our eldest, 3 months for our youngest and our middle son was born there.
  • When are you going back? End of June.
  • For how long? Probably for three years until our next home assignment.

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