20 February, 2015

How are you really feeling?

This is the coast that's currently being battered by a
tropical cyclone. We visited there before
Christmas because some of David's family live there.
We wouldn't be standing on that exposed point today.
It's been a bit of an emotional week. Here are some highlights and a couple of low lights.

I feel good about these things:
  • We're getting dates settled for some things, like plane tickets booked to return to Japan (though that one has mixed feelings attached to it).
  • I got some self-maintenance things done this week: optometrist, regular woman's check, and finally went to the physio to resolve a couple of long-term issues.
  • Our daily schedule is starting to take shape, it's only taken three weeks into the school term.
  • We're going to the cricket this weekend! (Or that plan could change with the weather.)
  • I'm making concerted efforts to work on my writing, as well as learning about graphic design.
  • Seeing my husband enjoying a new challenge, next week he'll begin a semester of teaching undergraduate teachers about teaching maths to primary students.
  • I bought a new tote bag, it's a good addition to my functional wardrobe. In fact I'm happy with a number of new pieces of wardrobe that I've bought.
  • I'm continuing to have fun with earrings. But how do I store them? Anyone got ideas?
The storms of life demand that we have a rock to cling to.
I'm not feeling good about these:
  • We're still struggling with the boys and the new electronic devices in the house.
  • A bit of emotional struggle with one boy in particular, about school work and homesick for Japan, he's looking depressed at times.
  • Struggling to find mutually agreeable times to meet with some people.
  • Falling through of our Easter plans to spend with some family members.
  • Today I'm also struggling with the changes brought by weather, we've got a cyclone (tropical storm) that's crossed the coast 750km to the north of us. While the 200+km/hr winds aren't going to hit here, we've got consequences: rain, forecast heavy rain, and plans that have been cancelled and changed. This just makes me feel a little rocky.
  • With the plane tickets bought, the pressure to get certain things done before we go seems to have intensified.
But I go back to that awesome collection of poems called the Psalms and read verses like:
"Why are you downcast, O my soul?Why so disturbed within me? Put your hope in God,for I will yet praise him,my Saviour, and my God" (42:11, NIV).
"Yet I am always with you;
you hold me by my right hand.
You guide me with your counsel,
and afterwards you will take me into glory...
My flesh and my heart may fail,
but God is the strength of my heart
and my portion for ever" (73:23, 24 & 26, NIV).
Praise God that he's my solid rock. 


-J said...

I'd love a good earring storage solution, too. For now, I use a couple shallow jewelry boxes that have a layer of soft white (stuff that looks like pillow filling). The largest box is probably 3" x 3". When I travel they go in a drawstring bag or I could probably put a rubber band around them. One box has silvery earrings. One box has my special pairs. I've seen really cute ways to store/ display them, but this is a compact way that works for me.

Joan Justiniano said...

For earring storage I bought a shallow plastic container that's divided into small compartments (1" square or less) - works perfectly for most earrings.