04 February, 2015

Doing shopping and stuff

This morning David and I had a "shopping date". We headed off to a shopping centre and attached a list of stuff that needed attending to. It was great to do this without the hinderance of children. We ended up shopping in parallel to each other, keeping in touch with which shops we were each at, but each doing our own thing. Stopping in the middle to have morning tea coffee/milkshake (our second for the week). I also came away with a skirt from Katies that was originally $59.95 for only $17, that was great too. A lovely productive morning!

This week has really been about settling back into preparing for the remaining five months. Our minds are turning back to Japan. It's brought into focus things that need preparing for/doing/buying before we go back to Japan. It's also meant a number of emails setting up appointments/making enquiries etc.

I spent a good number of hours putting together our prayer letter over the last two days too, which also produced a flurry of emails from folk who want to meet up with us in the coming months.

Some examples of things we've worked on this week:-

  • made an optometrist appointment for one child
  • enquired about some immunisation that our 15 y.o. missed and the medical centre didn't ring us about (though they said they would)
  • enquired about making a psychologists appointment for debriefing
  • sought the contact details of theOMF medical advisor for this area to talk about a referral the school in Japan requires
  • found out David's timetable for this semester and trying to get our minds around how that will work with our one-car family
  • arranged to get together with various people here in Brisbane over the next couple of months as well as in Canberra when we're there at the start of next month
  • trying to get more details about our obligations in Canberra
  • trying to line up a car for us to use in Canberra
  • investigating courses in design and writing, thinking ahead to taking up my magazine editing role again
  • David's been continuing preparation for the courses he's teaching later this month
  • trying to line up a couple more church meetings
  • shopping for remaining school supplies, new clothes/shoes for David and me, new sheets for some beds in Japan
Quite an array! It's good to be productive, I hate being bored.

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