24 February, 2015

Difficult days

I can't lie here. We're having some difficult days with one of our boys (I don't want to embarrass him, so I'll try to keep this somewhat vague). There has been tears, despondency, work not getting done, reluctance to go to school, fluctuating emotions, and emails to and from teachers. We're all frustrated. I feel out of my depth.

All he wants to do is go back to Japan. He's made some friends here, but not at school. School in general is depressing (except for some bright points, mostly associated with sport and music). Therefore Monday morning is depressing and other mornings to a lesser extent.

This Saturday it's only four months till we go back to Japan. And at times we're wondering how we're going to make it through the four months. My husband says, "One day at a time." I say, "And on the prayers of others." So I've confided more of the details to a few close friends and am relying on their prayers.

And looking forward to seeing the answer to those prayers!


Anonymous said...

Oh Wendy, as a parent of "grown up " children, I believe it is something that will always be with me- this worry/concern over our children. And then I pray- it concerns me it sometimes seems to be the last thing I try. Stay strong and just be there for your boys.
Also a big thank you for your constant updates on your blog. I don't often comment, but I do love reading your posts.

Anonymous said...

Hi Wendy, to let you know you are in our prayers. Brocky

Wendy said...

Thanks Brocky!