19 February, 2015

Published writer, yes I am

Available from au.books@omfmail.com
forA$15, from us or another OMF centre.
Yes, I AM a writer! I've discovered yesterday that I've had a second story published in a compilation, God's Faithfulness.
Project Story is the other book that has a story of mine in it, it was published last year and is a compilation of stories mostly set in East Asia,and put together by OMF Australia. Most of the authors are Australian.
Available for A$10 from here or us,
plus postage

Another books that has two very short stories by me is Growing up Among Worlds, but I am not credited as OMF wished to keep the identity of all the children confidential.
Available for A$4 from us, or from here,
plus postage.
Very satisfying and definitely spurring me on to further writing.

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