15 February, 2015

Crazy week

I'm breathing, in . . . and . . . out. It's been a crazy few days when I've haven't come close to finding time to blog here.

Starting last Wednesday when David and I drove to Toowoomba for the day (my home town and 1 ½ hrs away). We spoke at an aged care facility and had lunch with my parents and one of my sisters, getting back just in time to pick up the boys from school.

Thursday should have been a normal day, a catch-up day after Wednesday. But it started badly with a dog-incident. My youngest son and I were accosted by two dogs as we rode to school. They just seemed intent on chewing our shoes, but it was scary and could easily have escalated to biting. It shocked me enough that I had trouble talking for a bit and definitely felt shaky for some time afterwards. The day just continued to unfold in an unruly fashion and not much catch-up work got done.

Thursday finished without news of our van, which was at the mechanic. So we scrambled to find transport for Friday, which was stacked full of appointments requiring transport.

Friday started quietly, with two of our boys riding off before 7 for cross country training. I managed about 15 minutes of recovery time after riding to school and back (an emotional getting-back-on-the-bike experience after the dog incident the day before), before I shot off on a perpetual motion day. I dropped off the guitar to my eldest son between classes and shot off to church for Bible study. Then left before that came to a graceful close to meet a friend. 

Google maps said it should only take 28 minutes, but it took longer, and finding a park took no short time either. After we finished our lunch and traipsed around Sunnybank Plaza to
I found some great authentic Japanese sweets at the
asian shop. It was like being transported back to
Japan for a brief few minutes! They were enjoyed
at the dinner last night too.
find an asian grocery store to shop for Japanese sweets, I then attempted to race back to pick up the guitar after school. I only arrived 30 minutes too late! Thankfully my husband was able to warn our son that I was delayed by traffic and he waited patiently.

He rode home and I drove. A couple of minutes after we arrived we left again: back across town to visit the OMF medical advisor, looking for a referral required by our school in Tokyo. Instead of the requested 10 minutes early, I ended up being 10 minutes late. We didn't get back till after youth group and kids club started, thankfully our van had arrived home by then and the rest of the family could get to church on time. About then, volunteering to help out at this semester at Youth Group was looking like a challenging commitment.

I was so thankful to crash into bed on Friday night!

Saturday was not quite as bad. We had wrestling, as usual. David and I passed the time by working out in the gym. Then he searched for bicycles racks for transporting instruments and I walked to Maccas for coffee.

We ate lunch in the gym's car park again: peanut butter and honey sandwiches, made up in the car park (no time earlier) chased down by grapes.

On the way home we searched for and found a music shop to buy our new trumpet student a music book and oil. On the way home I foolishly did some texting and ended up with a whirling head from motion sickness. In the end, though, the rest on the bed probably helped save the rest of the evening.

I got up 1 ½ hrs later and, in preparation for our church's Japan night, made tonnes of Japanese rice balls (onigiri). We headed over to church at 5, set-up and ran the night, amazingly finishing on time at 8.30. We were home before 9 and very glad.

This morning we went to church early for some final setting up prior to all of us speaking during the service. Phew! 

I barely made it through lunch before collapsing.

Sometimes everything just collides and life gets way too busy for a time. I'm hoping this week will be a bit better. For starters, we're not making any day trips! Who knows what unexpected items will come up, though. Thankfully, though, after four in eight days, we've not got any formal speaking engagements now for a couple of weeks.

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