17 November, 2014

Socialising, again!

The people-meeting continued yesterday. We attended worship at our home church, followed by a good time of hanging around and chatting in the air conditioning (it got higher than 40C on Saturday and Sunday). I even did some Christmas shopping, buying some gifts hand-crafted by a member of the congregation (won't say anymore in case the recipients read this).

Then we drove straight to a lunch meeting, about 30 minutes away, with about 10 people (we ate Japanese curry rice). It was like a house-church meeting, in Japanese and English. The heat made it challenging to listen to a second sermon for the day. While there was a mixed bag of attendees, Japanese and Australians predominated, but we did have an Irishman and a young man from China. Most of us had spent significant time in Japan. We weren't there in any formal capacity, merely participants.

Thankfully our hosts had similarly aged children, so understood that our boys really didn't want to participate in worship time for a second time in a couple of hours. So they played video games on the lounge room TV. That helped moods immensely.

After that we drove home and collapsed in air con for a bit (no air con at the lunch meeting). At around 5 we found a swimming pool! Another family at our home church that has three boys around about our boys' ages. They spontaneously invited us around to enjoy their pool and some food. There is little unplanned in our social lives at the moment so it was fun to suddenly choose (and be able to choose) to hang out with some more new friends. It's a bonus that they also know what it's like to move internationally and have family who aren't in the country, they moved here from Britain a few years ago with young boys.

In addition to all that socialising, both nights on the weekend were around 28/29 degrees in our bedroom and I didn't sleep all that well on Saturday night, so I'm tired this morning. Thankfully I don't have a regular day job that I have to keep up with as well. That would result in a schedule that drove me over the edge. 

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