19 November, 2014

Japanese gestures I brought with me

It's taken a long time to learn gestures in Japan. I'm still learning some of them, like how to indicate "me". But now we're in Australia I'm having trouble adapting back, especially for beckoning, counting, and okay. Have any of you seen me making unusual gestures?

Counting is an interesting one. In Japan you count on your fingers by folding your thumb into your open hand, then your index finger and so on. From six, you start unfolding your fingers starting with the pinky. I like this method.

They also tend to not to use the thumbs up sign for okay, rather the circle formed by the thumb and index finger. I find I'm a bit random on which style I use for one, in both countries.

I've put some useful videos below on other gestures, some I didn't know about, others I've guessed at their meaning but not used myself.


-J said...

Just thinking today how dyslexic I feel when I'm trying to communicate "come here" or "me" to Jesse by gesturing. He is sure to be confused!

Wendy said...

Yes. At least my kids understand. It's when I gesture to other kids/adults to come to me that I end up in twists. Like trying to remember the English for "Shoganai".