11 November, 2014

Re-entry shock: party plans

Last night we pampered our feet. But I
had no idea that Body Shop not only
has retail outlets, but direct sales
consultants too.
Last night I went to a social night at church for women of the church. It turned out to be a party plan type thing (though there was no hard sell, mostly fun).

I've been to only a couple of Tupperware parties in my life. But since coming back to Australia 4 1/2 months ago I've been to Tupperware, Norwex party and now a Body Shop party last night. The latter two in the last week. I haven't bought a thing! My goal in each case was spending time with people, working on getting to know them better.

But here's the thing, it's a reverse culture shock problem for me because I had no idea how many Australian women are into these direct selling things. Both selling and buying. It's been quite an eye opener!

I wonder, do Japanese women do this?

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Hillary said...

I have a friend here in Japan who is currently selling some kind of beauty products...the main one being some kind of super expensive ultrasound machine thing for skin care. Hers is more of a pyramid type sales than Tupperware, etc. I think, but I don't know a lot of the details...she does individual consultations instead of "parties". Otherwise, I haven't ever heard of Japanese women doing these kinds of sales/parties...in our area anyway!