22 November, 2014

Memories in photos

I mentioned that I'd been tripping down memory lane. Not just because I met a friend from high school. It happens every time we come back to Australia and pull out the stuff we've stored here. This time I decided to scan some old photos in. Are you ready? (I've been kind and not included photos of my family here barring the last one, nor is it a long post, only ten photos.)
First day of school. Some of you will remember those
cardboard ports (as we called them).
Early in my school career. This was the winter
uniform. I must show this to my son who
complains about wearing uniforms.
The cover of one of two books that I've found from my
Primary School years. Self published!
Alas the writing isn't brilliant, neither are the illustrations.
First day of high school, year eight.
Love that uniform! I wore that for three years.

Last day of Grade 12.

Grade 12 Ancient History class. Loved that class!
First car! Freedom. This car was older than me. It also still had the
speedo in miles per hour!
My first home. This was in Kingaroy where I had my first full-time job.
Loved this little flat (just the two windows in the middle of the photo).
David at my 21st. He actually stayed the night along with some others, though my
 parents don't recall that (it was a big day). This was more than two years before we started dating.


Georgia said...

At an early age you greatly resemble your #2 son. Love your hair and uniform at the end of grade 12. My sis has all the family photos. It's been a long time since I looked at them. It's always interesting.

Wendy said...

Glad you think this is interesting Georgia. You should get a hold of those photos, or at least a look at them.