14 November, 2014

Fun mapping website

I've been having a bit of fun with this website today. Not only will it tell you how far you've walked/ridden/run, it gives you elevation too. So, I can show you what our 3.5km ride to school is like, it's a little different to a flat 3.5km ride!

I've been having fun looking at places back in Tokyo. The distance between our home and the school there is 300m and the change in elevation is about 60cm!

This week I've added an extra loop on the way home from school so that I've ridden more than 40km over the five days. This is what my total ride looked like today.

There are some significant hills where we live! My strength and fitness has improved enough that I'm now getting up most of these hills without walking at all (that last one has been my challenge this week, talk about burning muscles). I don't really have a cycling goal, but just feeling that the riding is getting easier is satisfying.

I've been having a shower after I get home, though, because I'm sweating a bucket-load in this summer heat. (David has it worse, he's riding at 2.30 in the afternoon.) I also drank about 1.5L of water before 9.30am today.

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