12 November, 2014

Daily photo challenge

My head is buzzing. I could be that my blood sugar got a bit too low before lunch (no, I'm not diabetic, but I do need to eat regularly), or it could be the wonderful meeting we had with two of the leaders of our home church, or it could be the generous gift I received from my amazing husband this morning. But in any case, I'm need some space to do some thinking before I can write anything of significance here. 

Instead, I'll post the photos from the daily prompt challenge that I've been putting on Facebook this month. (Sorry that some are blurry, in order to keep up with this daily, it's easiest just to use my little smart phone.)

Day 1: Something blue. This useful and cute bag has travelled many miles with me over recent years carrying many bits and pieces for self-care like nail scissors, bandaids, and steroid cream.

Day 2: I saw this! In our garden. Our zucchini plants are taking off.
 Day 3: Weather. Today we're enjoying a cool change. Riding to school this morning was a delight. This photo was taken at midday in my kitchen where I'd been baking for about an hour.

Day 4: can't live without. Water! Ever since I discovered as a teenager that water had no kilojoules, I've been a water addict.

Day 5: 8 o'clock. I was riding my "new" bike with the boys to school this morning at 8 o'clock. It's been exciting to feel myself getting stronger in my riding as the weeks have gone on. Today I rode the whole up-and-down seven kilometres with breaks only to cross roads or wait for boys. No walking. Felt great.

Day 6: this made me smile. After my 9 y.o. had a slice of this Cookies and Cream Cake I made he said, "That's the best cake I've ever tasted."

Day 7: on the floor. Our house is carpetless. This rug is loved, therefore, as a great place to lie, do pushups, play games or wrestle.

Day 8: a place. I really do love this place, the wrestling gym.

Day 9: oh yes! Free live cricket on the TV in our lounge room!

Day 10: I do this every day. I spray my hair with water when I get up in the morning and then style it with my fingers.

Day 11: a set. I love this set of tea candle holders that I bought when I was a young adult. It is one of the fun things about coming back to Australia. They live in our stuff here, it's lovely to have pretty things to enjoy here too.

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