17 December, 2012

Your holiday plans?

It is the time of year when people start conversations with, "So what are you doing for the holidays?"

Well, we're today we're headed off for our traditional week in the mountains, seeking snow. We're going to a different holiday cottage, but just the next-door town.

We'll be going skiing. Last year we gave the boys skiing lessons and they really enjoyed the time out there on the gentle slopes. I have yet to strap on snow skis (I've water skied a few times, and grass skied once), but I'm determined to give it a go this time. After all, I'm not getting younger. This is one of the bucket-list type things!

Our sons are keen to go ice skating again. I think I might just watch that one, we'll see. If we do it a couple of days after skiing, I might be still a bit too sore!

But we're not going to try curling. It's too dangerous!

The boys are also counting on us having lunch at Stamina Taro, a Japanese all you can eat restaurant that isn't too far from where we'll be staying. 90 minutes to eat all you can. It has more variety than Sizzler. Including the cool yakiniku, Japanese style cook your own meat at the table. Whatever day we do that, I certainly won't have to cook dinner.

We'll get back on Christmas eve, all set to enjoy a quiet Christmas at home. Hopefully all the parcels people have been telling us that are coming, will have arrived at the post office during our absence and will turn up on Christmas morning (there is an advantage living in a country for which Christmas day is an ordinary working day). We have no particular plans for the rest of that week, though maybe an excursion into Tokyo.

We have plans for New Year's Even and New Year's Day, but I'll save that for later. But, all in all, a fairly "normal" Christmas for us.

We're back at school on the 7th of January, a slightly longer break than usual for CAJ at this time of year and the only break longer than a week in the whole school year.

I'll not have internet while I'm away, though I might blog something short from my phone. I have prepared a couple of other posts and scheduled them to appear while we're away, just in case you're bored!

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