12 December, 2012

A bear of fuzzy brain

I've been thinking about what to write here today for a few hours now and I'm only getting fragmented thoughts. Probably has something to do with going to the gym at 12.30 and not getting lunch till well after 1pm.

This is the woman who has hitchhiked only once in her life. And it was because I foolishly tried to go for a jog before breakfast while at uni. I didn't last very long before I nearly passed out and had to hitch a ride back to my residence.

Rule number one for Wendy: make sure you've eaten at least a couple of hours before exercise!

So, I got home from the gym feeling as though my brain was fragmented. And it hasn't really improved since then, despite having eaten lunch (and cleaned out the saucepan I made chocolate fudge in).

Despite that, I'm feeling particularly successful today. I've completed almost everything on today's "To Do While the Kids are at School" list. Granted, it wasn't particularly ambitious, but it did include mopping the kitchen and dining room. Not a common happening (yes, I'm not the most fastidious of housekeepers).

The one thing that remains, is to continue writing a 250 word article. I've been writing it for over a day now. You'd think 250 words would be pretty easy, wouldn't you? I write 250 words here on my blog many days with no problem. So what's the problem?

It isn't that I can't think of enough words.

It's the topic. I've started writing a regular column for the magazine I edit. The column is about "Good Writing". I tell you, it is scary writing about good writing. After all, if you write about good writing, your writing is going to be under extra scrutiny from the readers! You can just hear, it, can't you:

"What credibility has this woman got?"

"What do you mean, don't use many adverbs, what are they for then?"

"She can't tell me how to write, I've been writing prayer letters for 50 years..."

"I can't see anything wrong with, 'It is possible that your conclusions are incorrect.'"

I mean, I'm just inviting criticism.

Additionally, 250 words is a small amount of words. I can't bite off too much. It has to be really succinct and, well, economical (which is my topic this time).

So, I've been throwing words at the page and not making a large amount of headway. Which brings me back to my head.

I'm still not putting together thoughts as well as I usually do. So, maybe I should go back to cleaning the house, that only requires a "bear of little brain".

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