28 December, 2012

Holidays in the mountains Part 1

Here is the delightful apartment we stay in while away last week.

This is the main kitchen/dining area. Through the door on the left of the photo you reached three bedrooms that our boys occupied. Up the ladder you found a small mezzanine area where the boys played board games like Risk.

The door near the ladder leads into the small bathroom and toilet.

This was our bedroom, traditional Japanese style (except for the curtains).
And a photo of the kitchen from further back, showing the lounge room, which was sufficiently removed from the rest of the place to afford a good hiding spot for a parent who wished to read without being disturbed.
 We gave the boys this puzzle, a souvenir of our mid-year trip. It was an enjoyable activity to start our holidays with.
 Here's the outside of the house. It is actually three apartments. We had the top floor. The bottom floor has two two-bedroom apartments.
 Other side, our stairs.

Apart from the house being newer than we've ever experience in an OMF Japan holiday house, the best thing about it was that it was wonderfully warm. Well insulated, meant that having a shower and going to bed wasn't as unpleasant as it is here in Tokyo. The outside temperatures were lower, but we didn't know that until we stepped outside.

I'll do another post (maybe tomorrow?) on some of the other things we enjoyed doing while up "in the mountains".

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