16 December, 2012

Home baked Christmas treat success

I've got to boast about this one. Today, for the first time ever, I made Fruit Mince Pies!

Four out of five of us love these Christmas treats, but you just don't see them in Japan. It never occurred to me to try making them, until I encountered a jar of fruit mince that missionaries had left behind when they moved back home-side. So I searched out a recipe and here they are:

When I make them again, I'll roll the pastry a little thinner and add some glazing to the top. But other than that, they're great!


-J said...

Is this what we call mincemeat pie in the USA? I love it, too! I found mini tart shells (near the baking section of the grocery store) when I was in Japan. When I wanted just one or two or when I had friends come over, I'd spoon some filling into a few shells and "bake" them in my fish grill under my 3 burner stove-top. It made a lovely and refreshing dessert! Homemade is always best, though. Yours look delicious!

Karen said...

Yum. I had a go at making some this year too, I made some fruit mince with a recipe from Meredith's blog, and then used pre-shaped pastry cases that I baked in the oven for a bit first. I did cut my own stars with the star cutter though!

I am converted to home made fruit mince pies now!