19 December, 2012

Japan Photo Question #23

Since I'm away, it's a good time to pose another "what is it" question. 

What do you reckon this is? And where did I get it? 

I'll post the answer in a couple of days. Happy guessing! (Again, people living in Japan, or lived in Japan—let's give everyone else a chance to guess first.)


Deb said...

It's a plastic bag with its sides rolled up. So when you use it, you place the stuff in the middle and then roll up the plastic sides around whatever it is you're storing. You got it from a dispenser that sits next to every rubbish bin on the streets of Tokyo. Because they are very clean and efficient.

That was a total, total guess.

Deb said...

I love your photo guessing posts. Love, love, love them.

Caroline said...

It reminds me a bit of the type of thin plastic rainhat that my mother had about 30 years ago - except that it looks more scrunched up (not folded into a neat concertina shape) and has nothing to tie it on with. Also, your second question makes me think it is unlikely to be a rainhat.

So I'll guess a loop of plastic to tie your groceries on to your bike, and you got it from the shop where you bought the groceries.

Caroline said...

Another possibility may be something to cover your shoe with if it's unavoidable to wear shoes somewhere you normally wouldn't.

(And I agree with Deb - I find these photo posts most enjoyable!)

KarenKTeachCamb said...

Definitely plastic. Looks like a collection of plastic string that we use here for tying anything and everything up. That said, the other guesses are definitely plausible. Will be interested to see the answer.

Wendy said...

You all did great! Thanks for being good sports. After more than 20 of these photos, they're getting harder to find. However, I will keep searching, if they provide you with so much enjoyment.