21 January, 2012

Yesterday was a whopper

Yesterday was a whopper. Started with David and I creeping downstairs to have breakfast on our own. An ordinary work-day breakfast, but because the boys didn't have school (student-free staff workday), we neglected to call them for breakfast and enjoyed some adult conversation on our own. Was a lovely change. I cannot remember the last time we ate breakfast on our own.

David went off to work and the boys straggled down, wondering where Dad was and why he wasn't making them breakfast (one wanted to know if Dad had made the porridge or me, apparently I have a reputation).

Oh, and it was making attempts at snowing. Most of it melted as soon as it hit the ground, but certainly looked pretty (and cold) as it floated down.

After a somewhat leisurely start, I piled the boys in the car for a couple of quick errands. When we got back, we gathered our packed lunch and walked down to an apartment building adjacent to school. There, on the ground floor in a rented room, one of the administration assistants who organises the posting out of Japan Harvest, had taken delivery of the latest issue and was working to get them posted out. This is an aspect of magazine production that even primary kids can help with. Putting magazines and address sheets into plastic envelopes isn't hard and more hands make a shorter job. 

It took us less time, but more emotional energy, as we supervised rather brittle workers (who whined when they got bored, or if something wasn't working to their satisfaction, or if someone got in their way). I was glad that, at the last minute, I took the laptop and a DVD, it helped in those last stages where boredom set in.

Nevertheless, the job is done. And I'm always happy to have my boys realise that I do have work that doesn't involve housework. I don't just sit at home and play computer games all day and wait for them to come home from school.

So, we were back home before 4. And had an hour before we dragged everyone off to the mini gym at school (like a loft in the main gym). At this time of year it is set up for wrestling with mats over almost the entire room. We went there for this, a training session for parents who want to understand more about wrestling. And the idea for it all started here, folks, on this blog!

We spent 45 minutes learning how Freestyle International wrestling is scored, what the various "calls", rules, etc. are. The coach did a great job. It was very helpful, I'm sure I'll find watching wrestling more interesting and less confusing next time. The group was small enough to ask questions (just like I did of my dad when learning about cricket). It was also enjoyable to sit for 45 minutes and listen to a Kiwi accent (much closer to an Aussie accent than anything else we hear around here). 

The time spent there had double use. With all the mats lying around, the boys pretty soon broke off any pretence of listening to the rules and started their own wrestling matches. After a cold, wet, inside day, it was a perfect outlet for extra boy-energy. They had such a good time they didn't want to go home, but unfortunately our day wasn't done yet. We had tickets for the school's Senior Talent Show at 7pm. So, we had to force them out of there, back home (300m away) for a quick left-overs meal and then shove them out of the house again in time to get a seat for this popular show.

Though we were all tired and it was a late night for little boys (we got home at 9.30), it was fun. Our 6 y.o. particularly enjoyed the "2 guy show" where one senior provided a head and "feet" (with his hands) and another senior provided the hands. Hard to explain how the act went, but it had our son howling with laughter. It wasn't the usual, "feed him cereal", but rather a compilation of music/sounds with appropriate actions (like ballet steps).

Before yesterday I'd been struggling to hold off a cold, but I think it pushed me over the edge and I've woken up feeling a bit under the weather. Writing this morning has been hard work! Please forgive me for spelling/writing errors. 

Thankfully I'd already decided not to go to our eldest's wrestling meet today, just feeling like the younger two needed a quiet day at home. Turns out I needed a quiet day too. I watch others who have no children or grown children and wonder at the amazing feats they're able to achieve. But to be honest, these kids really drain me. And when I push them to their limits (like yesterdays constantly in and out, an unusual schedule, and then a late night), it not only wears them out, it wears me out. So, signing off for now.

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