25 January, 2012

Our fridge

My husband found these photos on our camera the other day and was bewildered. I took the photo to show off the "Winning Ham". 

But then I wondered, would someone not living in Japan find the interior of my fridge intriguing? I've no idea. 

This day we had a lot of left-overs waiting to be eaten later in the week. Probably the only notable thing is the piles of one litre cartons of milk. When we go back to Australia, the massive three litre containers, we are a little bit scared. If you look closely you'll see a number of things that come in smaller packages than they do in Australia. Yoghurt, butter, OJ, for example.

I have to add that I am so thankful for this large fridge and the food that we fill it with. The fridge has served us well and is a great size for our family. 

Here's me when I first took possession of this
fabulous fridge 18 months ago.

And the bigger picture is that God has provided all our needs in abundance. This month we received support figures for 2011 and God has been very good to us via the many gifts from many people.

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