19 January, 2012

How many does a girl need?

How many emails does a girl need? I now have six, not counting my Facebook email and mobile phone emails.
One is a mission based one for work. This is our main family account and the one that is on our monthly newsletter and our prayer cards. Our mission is in the middle of switching the entire organisation (over 1,500 people) to new email addresses. So we currently have two functioning addresses with them.

Another is a yahoo account that I use for writing, Facebook, Blog comments etc.

My fourth account is another work one and my most use-specific email address it is only for emails that come from OMF Japan's website. One of my jobs is to answer these emails or direct them to the right person.

My fifth account is another work one. It is for the magazine where I'm associate editor.

My sixth email address is new this week. I was to be a part of a three-way iChat for an editorial meeting. The easiest way to manage that was to get a gmail account.

Can you tell I do a lot of my work on email? One of the reason for the multiple emails is to try and keep some order to my life. But it requires vigilence. Yesterday I sent an important email to my managing editor using my web-response email. He nearly didn't read it because he didn't know the address.

Anyway, I've decided to make my latest email address do more work for me. I've decided to make it my public Blog email address. As in, I will post it here and anyone can contact me via this email address. If you know my omf address, please use it, but if you don't know how to contact me, my gmail address is this: wendy.marshall04 at gmail.com

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