19 January, 2012

Japan photo #20 solved

What were those ladies doing? I think most of you were too embarrassed to even put a guess out there. It was a Catholic kindergarten's farewell party/fun concert, so it wasn't as bad as it looks. In fact I think that I've seen it done at a church event too (but I could be wrong about that). 

It is something along the lines of Pictionary and Charades. The participants (who, in this case were "volunteered", I think) have a word to convey to the audience. They spell it out with...their bottoms. See, not that bad! Hilarious and hard to guess.

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KarenKTeachCamb said...

I remember doing that at youth group. Hilariously funny to watch and challenging to do. I think a video clip might have helped us with this one.