22 January, 2012

Parenting is even more frustrating if you try to Carpe Diem

My head is stuffed full today, I haven't had a cold for quite some time and have forgotten how miserable it can make you. Sometimes I feel like I'm drowning . . . so today I'll share with you someone else's writing. 

This article I found on someone's Facebook wall on Friday. It's an honest view of parenting and expresses very well the frustrations of parents when we're told by well meaning older folk to, "Make the most of every moment." And it doesn't just leave you with the frustration, it gives an alternative. Well worth a read.


OliveTree said...

I could relate to the article. When my kids were babies, people always said, "Enjoy these days; you'll miss them."

And you know what? I DON'T miss the baby days AT ALL. I'm GLAD to have teenagers. Babies were great, but I'm really glad to be done with it. Having more fun now. So the well-intentioned people don't always know...

Wendy said...

I don't miss 99% of the baby days. And that 1% can be easily made up with the occasional cuddle of someone else's baby (before handing the baby back!).

I think the well-intentioned people often have poor memories (glamorising the past), have regrets about the past and how quickly it passed, or had wonderful kids in every stage (the last being the most unlikely, of course).