19 November, 2011

A wet day in which I baked, sewed and answered the phone

Today was most suitable to a "home day". Cold and miserable outside, being inside was perfect. 

I started the day with a long list of things that needed to be done (by us both). Unfortunately last night I developed an achy knee. No idea why, but it was achy enough to make it difficult to go to sleep last night. And achy enough to make the vacuuming and cleaning part of my list fairly unattractive. (Mind you it doesn't take much of an excuse for me to forgo cleaning!) But it did make me a little regretful that when I'd had a healthy body last week I spent a lot of time sitting down (but I was working hard, I did a lot of editing and other computer work this week). Ironic that now I'd planned to do some cleaning, my knee was playing up.

After a late breakfast my husband set off for the hardware store for some much needed bits and pieces (including a gas canister for our up-coming camping trip) and I sat down to finish off one of the track pants (US=sweatpants, nothing at all to do with being required at school, by the way). All I had to do was hem the pants and tidy up the waist-hem. It took me a long time, however, because I kept getting phone calls. 

My eldest son had gone to a birthday party. Sounds easy, doesn't it? Particularly as he could get himself there independently on the train. But there there was a problem, in fact there turned out to be a few problems. They were to all meet at one station. But 45 minutes after the appointed time, one boy hadn't arrived. Obviously these boys aren't all that "connected" because though many of them had mobile phones (US=cell phone), no one seemed to have this boy's number! I didn't either, but I did have his mum's number, I guess that I why I got the call about their dilemma. 

Well then it got really complicated. Especially as our son often didn't answer his phone when we called him. Not sure why, maybe because the background noise covered up the phone sound? Maybe he was having such a good time with his friends that he didn't hear. Anyway, it turned out that the other boy had forgotten about the party (so glad that happens to other people). It took a while to hook the boys up, though! 

Then I got another phone call about an hour later. The boy they'd been waiting for had arrived at the station and there was no one there. He'd rung his mum (who was working at the church, they are missionaries) who'd run her other son at home who'd rung me, at least I think that is how it went! It turns out the guys had gone to the house of the birthday boy to play Twister and had been so embroiled in a 45 minute round of Twister that no one had answered their phones. Oh dear. 

Our son isn't home yet (4.33pm), and I haven't heard from him. I hope they all had a good time in the end (it was supposed to be an outdoor party at an amusement park, but given the weather they had to find other things to do).

I did eventually get the pants sewn. Here my youngest son modelling them. This is a flattering view. Less flattering is with the legs separated, but I won't show you that. He's happy with it, especially with the pockets!

From the left, clockwise. Melting Moments, Cherry Oat Slice and Jam Drops with Monster Eye Biscuits.
After lunch I took painkillers, and then baked. Our house was desperately in need of some morning and afternoon tea snacks. I love it when the cupboard is full like this:

But I guess now I should get back to my list of things to do. I have a choice of packing some things for our camping trip or doing some more sewing on the second pair of pants.

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