30 November, 2011

Express-way refreshments, anyone?

Here is something else we encountered on our camping trip. On the way there we made a quick stop to swap drivers, use the "facilities", and find me a coffee. Express-way stops in Japan are something unusual for Australians. Instead of getting off the toll-way, they provide places where you can do all those important things you need to do when you are driving. They vary in size and flashy-ness. But they all have the essentials, including good basic Japanese food as well as souvenirs. 

The one we stopped at on Thursday was very flashy. It looked like it had just been upgraded. In fact we stumbled upon the opening ceremony (or just before it). There were barriers up and official looking people wandering around inside the barriers looking at and photographing the shiny new facilities. Unfortunately the brand-spanking-new Starbucks wasn't open (it was behind the barriers) and I had to buy my coffee from one of the other venders (they are like Australian food courts). The coffee was awful!

But the "facilities" were pretty special (thankfully they didn't have barriers around them). Check out the board that greeted me at the entry to the Ladies.
Awesome, hey!


Martha said...

Love the board, so very very organised!

What is a baby chair? Is that a kid size toilet, or literally a chair/bench for kids to sit on when they come in to the stall with you?

Wendy said...

I should take a photo. These are pretty common in Japan. It is a little seat about adult waist high on the wall in the stall/cubicle that you put your child in while you use the facilities yourself. Fabulous!

Deb L said...

I think I would faint with a map like that! It's urgent. I need to go. But wait! There's an electronic chart. AGAHGHGHGH - just let me go already!!!