26 November, 2011

We survived -2 degrees

Needle ice (upside down)
We're back from camping! To summarise, I'd say, "beautiful but cold".

This morning was colder than yesterday morning and when we checked out, the receptionist told us it had been -2 degrees Celcius this morning! Ouch.

The temperatures caught the boys by surprise. I had my long-johns, new outside ugg-type boots, spencer, scarf etc. But I was still cold.

Stomping on needle ice
We saw lots of ice heaving or needle ice. This is common in mid-winter in Tokyo (when you can find soil!).

Here's a photo to show the beauty. We could see this by walking about 20m from our tent. A constantly changing view at dusk and dawn. Gorgeous!

We really did have a great time. I'll elaborate tomorrow!

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